nügiCoNN'95 BOF Program

nugiCoNN'95: BOF Sessions for User & Developers

For Immediate Release

Friday, August 11th

For More Information, Contact:

Rohit Khare

nugi Publicist



CAMBRIDGE, MA -- nugiCoNN'95 provides a forum for NeXTSTEP/OpenStep users & developers discussion groups. Volunteer BOF leaders and sessions include:


Christopher Lozinski, Coordinator <lozinski@bpg.com>

President, Berkeley Productivity Group

Andrew Stone, Small ISVs <andrew@stone.com>

President, Stone Design

Mark Dadgar, NeXT Rep <Mark_Dadgar@next.com>

The intent is to provide a forum, where developers can express what their needs are, and where we as a group can prioritize those needs, and publish them both to NeXT, and to the general public.

We will start as a general group, then break into smaller groups, then get back together again. Prior to the general meeting, we will have a list of open issues. At the general meeting we will outline the objectives, and answer any questions before breaking into smaller groups. The smaller groups will then report back what their priorities are. I understand that many people wear many hats, but please try to join the group that is closest to your interests.

We still need volunteers to run some of the BOF meetings.

Corporate Developers

NeXTSTEP Independent Software Vendors (ISV's)


Internet Service Providers

GNUSTEP, <Paul_Kunz@SLAC.Stanford.EDU>

Gnustep is an implementation of OPENSTEP on X-Windows.

MISCKIT, Thomas Engel <tsengel@faui01.informatik.uni-erlangen.de>

Misckit provides miscelaneous services


Steve Weintz, Coordinator <indy@newmedia.com>

Multimedia Designer

Michael Rutchik, Graphics <michael.rutchik@mail.us.clorox.com>

Senior Graphic Designer, Clorox

Jon Hooper, Home Users <hoops!me@netcom.com>

Animo User

Jon Feiler, NeXT Rep <Jon_Feiler@next.com>

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