Monday, August 14 After OpenStep Day...

7 PM - 12 AM, nugiFEST '95 at Annie's

7:30 - 11 PM, music by the Swing Allstars

[no-host bar, buffet provided]

20 Annie Street, behind the Palace Hotel just off Market Street

Between Market and Mission, Third and New Montgomery.

Just a short walk from Moscone Center!

On Monday night, NUGI plans to to hold a special NEXTSTEP/OpenStep community gathering. "Annie's," originally called the Dawn Club, is the Landmark where Lou Watters and the Yerba Buena Jazz Band began the San Francisco Traditional Jazz revival in 1940. A seven member jazz-revival group from the local area will be playing from 7:30 to 11 pm. Food will be provided and the no-host bar boasts 17 micro-brewery beers from the West Coast, as well as a full bar and non-alcoholic beverages. Annie's seems able to accept a diverse crowd, from fervent die-hards to the newcomers to NEXTSTEP/OpenStep. There is also an adjoining billiards hall which can handle a sizable NEXTSTEP/OpenStep contingent . If you wish to be a co-sponsor of the party, please contact Robert MacKemmie Partymeister (rm@califhistsoc.org)

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