SOAP/XMLRPC: Does an ODBC equivalent exist yet?

From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 13:30:12 PST

ODBC has annoyed me for a very long time, at least 7 years. Suffice it to say
that it is an interface, not a protocol, where a protocol standard would have
been very appropriate.

Of course this has led to no end of headache, incompatibility, cost, vendor
lockin, poor performance, etc.

Seeing as how all database activity can be handled with a SOAP style API
(command, arguments, and zero or more responses as a stream of possibly
different 'rows' and status), why haven't we (or I at least) heard of SOAP-DB

One issue would be that some things in the ODBC API are best handled locally,
but that's fine with me. Doesn't have to follow an outdated API directly; in
fact I would welcome a redesigned DB protocol/API. In particular, it MUST
have the capability of streaming/pipelining when the remote system can handle


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