DAV support swells

From: Jim Whitehead (ejw@cse.ucsc.edu)
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 11:58:46 PST

Just thought I'd toot WebDAV's horn here <http://www.webdav.org/>, and list
the major appplications that have announced WebDAV support in just the past
few months.

* Adobe
  - Go Live 5 (Web site authoring tool) * DAV client
  - Photoshop 6 * DAV client
  - InScope * DAV server

* Macromedia
  - Dreamweaver 4 * DAV client

* Apple
  - OS X Beta: webdavfs (mount a DAV server as a disk drive) * DAV client
    (This page has Tim Byars' DAV logo prominently displayed.)
  - OS X Beta: mod_dav (DAV module for Apache, which ships with OS X) * DAV

* Oracle
  - iFS (Internet File System) * DAV server

* Microsoft
  - Exchange 2000 * DAV server

* W3C
  - Jigsaw * DAV server
    W3C has added support for DAV to their reference HTTP server

* RiverFront
  - WebDrive (maps a DAV server to a Windows drive) * DAV client

Of course, Microsoft continues to support WebDAV in IE 5 and Office 2000
(via the Web Folders feature), and in IIS 5, the Apache server supports DAV
via the mod_dav module (see
<http://www.securityspace.com/s_survey/data/man.200012/apachemods.html> for
the latest figures on mod_dav adoption), Novell supports WebDAV in Netware
5.1, Endeavors supports DAV in their MagiDAV server, and there is the IBM
open source DAV server and client API, DAV4J. Links to these, and many
other can be found on the WebDAV WG home page, at:

So, at the dawn of 2001, WebDAV support exists in the content creation tools
used by millions of people, and in the industry leading Web servers. Over
the coming year, I expect to see DAV complete its penetration of all major
Web servers, and for the first-line, innovating software houses to continue
to add DAV support into their content creation tools. Furthermore, towards
the end of 2001, I expect to see lagging software houses to start adding "me
too" DAV support to their content creation tools.

Furthermore, 2001 promises to be the year of versioning, with the DeltaV
protocol poised to be approved during the first half of 2001. 2001 should
see DeltaV early adopters releasing their initial products based on this
product, and for the Subversion <http://subversion.tigris.org/> project (a
replacement for CVS which will use DeltaV as its on-the-wire protocol)
project to become usable for production software development.

So, while the prospect of discovering alien monoliths oribiting Jupiter
seems remote in 2001, this year nevertheless promises to be exciting for the
WebDAV community, which has been developing the two-way-web since 1996.

- Jim

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