RE: [XML Magazine] A Chat with Jeremie Miller

From: Mike Dierken (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 15:28:09 PST

> > Since we're not doing HTML or XML GUI display, and we don't really
> > have any scripting languages in the client, there's no
> reason to have
> > a Document Object Model . . .
> The ability to script the DOM is one of the reasons the Web is such a
> powerful platform.
There is something beyond the DOM which is also extremely useful - property
based programming.
In Dynamic HTML (or the 'HTML DOM') you have synthetic properties like
document.anchors and document.forms and whatnot.
They don't exist as explicit element tags, but are synthesized by the
document loader.
Having that extra level of abstraction is Goodness. Having access to the raw
elements is also Goodness.

> > Web browsers weren't really designed to be able to receive these
> > real-time events and handle sockets in the way that we do. They're
> > really a "pull" sort of model. The action has to be initiated inside
> > the Web browser, so it's difficult to map some sort of Instant
> > Messaging model into a Web browser because they just
> weren't designed
> > to do that.
> I respectfully disagree.
Me too. The Web works both ways.

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