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Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 18:15:27 PST

I went to the bank today. My teller was IMing --- on a Blackberry.
This is really a major integration step --- it's the first wireless
text chat client I've seen, and it's certainly the one with the biggest
available other-endpoint base.

Apparently it's called an AOL Mobile Communicator, and apparently, it
was announced by 2000-11-13 and available by 2000-12-20. One review
quotes a three-day lead time due to high demand.


Get your AOL on the go
with AOL Mobile Communicator

        What is AOL Mobile Communicator?

         AOL Mobile Communicator is a two-way messaging device that
         gives AOL members another way to access the popular AOL
         instant messaging and e-mail features. AOL Mobile
         Communicator makes it fun and easy for AOL members to keep in
         touch with friends and family. Take your AOL e-mail and Buddy
         List(R) with instant messages with you anytime, anywhere.

        All-new wireless instant messages

         Now you can chat instantly with your friends online - from
         virtually anywhere! Use AOL Mobile Communicator's
         mini-keyboard to type and send instant messages to friends and
         family on your existing AOL Buddy List(R) just like when
         you're logged onto AOL from home or work.

        AOL e-mail from anywhere

         AOL Mobile Communicator is perfect for people who need to be
         in touch while away from their computer. It's as easy as using
         your e-mail from your PC - simply type in your message using
         the mini-keyboard and hit send! You can now also receive your
         e-mails while you are away from your computer. Never miss a
         beat! Now you can send and receive e-mail on the go.

A review:

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