Re: Organizine shuts down one week after its launch

From: Rahul Dave (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 13:43:43 PST

Have you seen Sun's Answerbook Documentation? Its in SGML format, and has a web
interface at, and you can take out exactly those parts you need
and print them together into your own manual: it converts the sgml into PDF
on the fly.. Ships with Solaris
so you can have a doc server on your LAN..

Print just what you want, nice..I figured it was something like a
printer machine which automatically comb binds would be nice...
I got this from you:
> On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Rahul Dave wrote:
> --]Is DIY Do It Yourself? Could you give me an example of such a system/software?
> Sure. For instance Macromedia put a copy of the dreamweaver ultradev
> manual and tech notes on the cd in PDF format. Since the books and cds
> were whisked away from my desk by the local software nazies ("Ve must hav
> all yer CDs Und Dokumentations Mach Schneel or itz Za Russian Front fer
> you!!"). So when I can upon a section of the manualI wanted a DT
> (deadtree) copy of I opened up the PDF and sent off those pages to my
> printer.
> basiclay the method of DIY printing is
> One part document
> One part reader
> Strain thru a printer
> top with bindings (stables, side stich, little funny tublar things)
> enjoy
> The reader can be anything that can understand the Document. For iunstance
> most anything can do .txt files but youll need the Acrobat freebe (or the
> equiv there of) for PDFs.
> Office printers tend to be the delio for good printing as top of the line
> color pro printers tend to be beyond the reach of the home crowd. If your
> in an office situation you can also "get" the bindings and embelishments
> of your choice.
> remember, an informed consumer is our best customer.
> With the profilferation of digital publishing (books, mags, tech docs,
> manuals, etc),both with the creators consent and often not, it is now far
> easier than ever to amass great librarys of infromation on cds from which
> you can print what you need when you need it.
> It's called a "changeover." The
> movie goes on, and nobody in the
> audience has any idea.
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