Re: It's hard to talk with my tongue in my cheek.

Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 11:18:53 PST

At Red Hat, we had the "Body Opponent Bag," or Bob, in support. I think
Bob Young got his feelings a little hurt before someone explained that it
wasn't named after him. I sure miss Bob Young. He is an awesome guy. I
remember the first time I saw him talking to support about the X
Consortium, and wondered about the janitor knowing all that stuff. I had
seen him clean up the break room a few times, so I assumed... wrongly. (:


On Sat, 13 Jan 2001, Adam Rifkin wrote:
-snip newguy stuff-

> Adam@KnowNow.Com
> Bill Gross Punching Doll Expected to Generate Millions
> PASADENA, CA -- January 11, 2001 -- Idealab! today announced a
> groundbreaking new product that is expected to save the company's ass
> by capitalizing on the negative sentiments toward the New Economy.
> The "Billy Boy" punching doll will feature the likeness of Idealab!
> Founder Bill Gross sporting his signature shit-eating grin. Billy Boy
> will allow people everywhere to beat the hell out of the promoter of
> eToys and countless other failed enterprises. The bottom of the tubular
> shaped punching bag will be weighted down with a special mixture of bull
> crap and shredded stock certificates from worthless Idealab! investments.
> "The great thing is you can hit it and it comes right back up so you can
> smack the living shit out of it some more -- just like I've wanted to do
> at many, many board meetings," said Bill Elkus Managing Director of
> venture fund Idealab Capital Partners. Elkus added, "I have calluses
> and bloody knuckles from beating the damn thing -- but I've never been
> happier."
> "This will give entrepreneurs and investors worldwide an outlet for
> their understandable frustrations -- these poor people have paid good
> money to endure my arrogance and my simple-minded views on the
> Internet," said Bill Gross. "Many have lost their jobs, their entire
> life savings and their reputation because of my happy horseshit."
> Gross added with a grin, "But boy howdy -- I sure was convincing, wasn't I?"
> Marketing of the doll will be done through the web sites of Etoys,
> F---edCompany, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and the State unemployment
> offices in California.
> About idealab!
> idealab! ( creates, builds and operates Internet
> businesses that satisfy unmet market needs. Founded in March 1996 by
> Bill Gross, idealab! currently has more than 35 businesses in various
> stages of development. idealab! generates ideas for new Internet
> businesses and creates, capitalizes and operates a separate company
> to conduct each new business. idealab! is headquartered in Pasadena,
> California and has offices in Silicon Valley, New York, Boston and London.
> --

"Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases, think for yourself." --Doris Lesing,
British writer

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