Re: Crossgain Fires a Quarter of Its Employees. Is EMC a year or so behind?

From: Eirikur Hallgrimsson (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 14:33:37 PST

On Wednesday 17 January 2001 17:04, Tom Whore wrote:
> Its never easy. not when it counts. It was very hard in 95 to turn down
> a 80k job because they had idiot pee testing and a nasty contract to sign.

I hear you. I went on a pointless interview with EMC last week. Releases
out the wazoo. I didn't fill them out, even the ones that I might be
willing to fill out, because I knew we weren't on the same planet. They were
looking for extremely specific coding skills and a heads-down
ask-no-questions profile, not exactly the kind of thing one would hire
someone like me for, but my resume had Linux internals on it.....

It was the largest parking lot that I had ever seen. They don't have
vending machines. They have a convenience store. That was not one of
their bigger buildings. They have a larger workforce than Digital did when I
went to work for Digital, which I admit was in an antedeluvian era, but still.

EMC is the local Boston poster-child for the Internet boom. I get stunned
expressions when I say I wouldn't want to work there. They have the rep.
that Digital used to have as a 'good place to work.'

Am I missing something, or is their proprietary storage appliance market
doomed when standards emerge and Asian manufacturing takes over?
They are massively overbuilt as a company in terms of expensive manufacturing
here in the Boston area, unless they can keep margins high.


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