RE: Crossgain Fires a Quarter of Its Employees

From: Edward Jung (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 15:04:16 PST

With the caveat that this is third-hand rumor: I hear they have cut some
deals around resurrecting options. I also hear they have started to support
internal entrepreneurial companies that have a right of repurchase agreement
to Microsoft, but can revenue share with the founders directly. Apparently
they also advanced their option grants to the January review... it's usually
at the August review.

Tough times over at the "big M"...

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> The situation also highlights Microsoft's broader worries
> about a brain drain that has siphoned off some of its top
> technical talent, despite recent signs that some defectors
> are now returning to Microsoft from failed dot-com start-ups.

Why would anyone return to Microsoft???
Especially because their old options would remain kaput.

- Joe

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