Re: blame it on texas

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 22:06:00 PST

> nuclear missile defense? isn't he backing down a bit, necessarily, to fund
> his tax "cut" and "education" initiatives? there's only so much money to go
> around. even less with a tax "cut" since the deficit keeps earning interest.

Actually, I'm just talking about his PR skills. Same thing with NMD and his
first-day-in-office official actions / statements about reproductive rights: his
"strategery" seems to be to make as much noise as possible that will piss off the
maximum number of adversely incented parties. Quite a strategery, if you ask me.

At least one thing's true: he's no ordinary politician. ;-)


> (quotation marks are so versatile - equivalent to a tongue-in-cheek, eye
> roll, or wink.)
> gg
> (btfw, it's your duty as a texan to uncover the bush/energy cartel
> connection.)

I don't think there's any "uncovering" necessary, there. Do you, really?

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