RE: Does "Goodbye Netscape 4.x" mean "Goodbye Netscape"?

From: Rob Drimmie (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 06:07:56 PST

But see, part of the point of the push to upgrade is that many users _don't_
know when to upgrade, many users aren't even aware that an upgrade path is
out there.

That's changing to some degree, with Windows Update and similar auto-update
utilities notifying people that an upgrade path is available to them, but
there's still many, many people out there using IE4 because they don't know
how to upgrade.

Backwards compatibility, especially on commercial web sites, is still
important, but letting people know that they're potentially missing out
isn't an inherently Bad Thing.

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> From: Joachim Feise []
> Yup.
> I decide when and to what browser I update.

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