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Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 08:24:38 PST

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Matt Jensen wrote:

--]How do my comments and questions restrict artists? They are free to find
--]a record label who wants to publish them. We're 'forced' to allow them to
--]be published, but we're not forced to buy their CDs or let our kids buy
--]their CDs.

Were FORCED to allow them...freedom of expression is a foreced issue with
you? This is telling. Makes the other posts almost menaingfull.

--]Yes, controversy is cool and can encourage thinking. But that doesn't
--]mean you have to take whatever caused the controversy and put it on a

That a debate is centered around the created controversy and not the
content is the real crux of the matter here.

How can folsk be debating Em when they mostly have not listend to the
Marshal MAthers material or the first Slim Shady Cd? How can a meaningfull
debate be had when all that is done is the reguritation of censorship
riddled half truths and media recounted third hand tales?

It cant.

What is heard in these cases is in fact, likeit or not, the bah bah bah of
the sheeple nation, the feed and raised and eventual used section of
society who are smug as a bug in rug so long as their contrived world
views are not expandde too far to fast and they can be left in the
comfortable bubble of thier moral judgments.

I think its telling that this whole deabte is so hotly debated now, MONTHS
after the album of note was released. Where were teh "debates of learned
opions" then? If this stuff matteres at allto you then you would certianly
have heard the thing shortly after its release, this wasnt an obscure
album nor was this not an issue back at teh time of its release. It is
telling that the folks bringin up the moral objectsions to Ems "views of
dark behaiors" comes formthe prompting of the media driven event sponsored
by and bascialy runfor the beinfit of the compnays that profit fromt he
sale of this material.

"have you every felt used?" JR

--]So Maggie, it sounds like you discussed it in your home and decided that
--]Eminem's music doesn't bother y'all. That's great, but suppose another
--]family had a discussion and debate, and concluded that Eminem was
--]inappropriate for awards and broadcast shows. Do you respect that
--]opinion, so long as they talked it out intelligently?

So long as the opinion of one family does nto force the other to listen or
not be able to listen to whatever material they so choose, whats the
problem? there is none.

The problem occurs when the opinions of those who have not even taken the
time to research the matters of deabte seek to constrict, contain and
other wise sensore the works Beacuse thier section of mindset finds it

This is the same debate as filters edicts placed on public libraries by
the Gov, this is about one section of people being able to constrict or
contain anothers ability to get access to bits (information, music, books,

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