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Camelot Communications Presents Some of the Industry's Most Respected
Experts to Discuss the Changing XML Marketplace

http//www.xmldevcon2001.com/ - Camelot Communications, leading producers
of IT conferences focusing on emerging technologies including open source
software, XML, Java, and Wireless, announces a unique opportunity for
enterprise XML education at XML DevCon Spring 2001 to be held 8 - 11 April
in New York City. Last year's show was sold out and sessions were standing
room only.

Conference Chair Ken North explains it this way, "Certainly you can expect
an XML conference to explain angle brackets, DTDs, and style sheets, but
XML DevCon 2001 offers a much richer educational experience. Camelot
Communications puts together a technical program that's unique among
conferences and keeps software developers abreast of the sweeping changes
brought about by XML. Our faculty teaches diverse subjects such as
industry business-to-business messaging standards, conceptual modeling, the
XML query algebra, Java Server Pages, ebXML trading partner agreements, XML
integration with databases and data warehouses, VoiceXML, and web services,
UDDI and SOAP programming. These are the building blocks for tomorrow's
successful business."

The distinguished faculty at XML DevCon 2001 in New York includes invited
W3C experts such as Tim Bray (Seybold Fellow and co-editor of the XML
specification) and Dr. Peter Chen (ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow, and inventor of
E-R modeling). The faculty includes more than two dozen authors and
participants from ebXML, UDDI, SQLX, and W3C Working Groups, including Paul
Cotton (Query WG Chair), Eve Maler (co-editor of XLink), David Orchard
(co-editor of XInclude and XLink), Jim Melton (editor of SQL-92 and SQL-99
standards), and Jonathan Robie (co-inventor of Quilt, XQuery).

The program will include expert workshops about eCommerce, Stylesheets and
Transformations, and XML Query. There will also be instruction about ebXML
and UDDI, two initiatives to produce global e-business standards. ebXML Day
will be April 9 and UDDI Day will be April 10.

"Business owners and software developers seeking an extra edge need to have
the latest tools and technology at their disposal. At the XML DevCon
series, we bring together the brightest minds with the strongest industry
said Terry DeGiuli, President of Camelot Communications. "The powerful
mindshare has immediate results for attendees more efficient ways to
tackle complex problems and time-saving techniques that produce better

The XML DevCon series continues in New York City, 8 - 11 April. Featuring
ebXML Day, 9 April, and UDDI Day, 10 April.

For updates on the event and online registration please visit
or contact Allison Semple at +

For exhibitor sales and sponsorship
contact Jeffrey Wainhouse at + or email jeff@camelot-com.com

For press registration
contact Roderic Young at +1.617.542.5335 ext/202 or email

XML DevCon Mission Statement

The XML DevCon series of conferences expose developers to topical and
timely information about enterprise XML, a domain of technologies used for
building industrial-strength Web and eBusiness applications, and integration

In addition to updating developers on key XML-related specifications and
technologies, XML DevCons provide instruction on designing documents and
programming with XML application programming interfaces (APIs). The
conferences also present developers with a wide array of XML application
technologies such as middleware, databases, scripting, messaging, content
aggregation, application servers, mobile computing, application-to-application
integration, and enterprise Java. In short, the XML DevCon events present
professional education about 'XML in the large' and a venue for exhibiting
products for developers building eBusiness and enterprise applications.

About Camelot Communications Corp.

Camelot Communications Corp. produces IT conferences focusing on emerging
technologies including open-source, XML, Java, and Wireless. Strategic
partnerships with leading IT and software organizations such as the Apache
Software Foundation, OASIS, and the Object Management Group (OMG), as well
as alliances with industry media and analyst groups have allowed us to
embrace the IT community in the United States and Europe. For a list of
upcoming projects, visit http//www.camelot-com.com/.


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