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I never understood their business plan. DoDots was creating software that
allowed people to embed internet-based applications on the desktop -- sorry,
but isn't that a web browser?

Anyway, this is Softbank's biggest failure to date. I think they had $20M
secured, of which a substantial percentage was Softbank's.


DoDots Canšt Connect the Dots, Shuts Down      
PALO ALTO, Calif. (VENTUREWIRE) -- DoDots, a digital infrastructure firm,
has shut down. The company could not be reached for comment. The company's
Web site attributes the shut down to "major changes in the marketplace." The
Web site also directs "asset purchase inquiries" and other financial details
to the Los Angeles-based advisory firm Sherwood Partners. In August 2000
DoDots closed its second round at $15 million from Chase Capital Partners
(now J.P. Morgan Partners), Merrill Lynch, Softbank, and Staenberg Venture

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