Re: [MHM] Declan's top 500 list

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 10:53:18 PST

On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Wayne E Baisley wrote:

--]There is one, and it's good.

Missed that one..yea it is one of the best. I love that zappa has these
vast diverse sections of his carrer.

--]I think Automatic For The People trumps any other REM pick.

Hmm, I dont know about that. I was mouch happier with REM eariler than
latter, Mr Mumbles got understandable by Automatic and that ruined lots of
why I loved REM in the begining.

--]Definitely TMBG. Only problem is which ones. Flood, anyway.
--]Factory Showroom, John Henry, Apollo 13, ...

The First Album hands down has pound for pound more creativity and
longevity than any of their other works. By the time John Henery came out
they were a differnt band, not that that is bad, its just not the great
band I loved on the first album.

--]TMJ is Too Much Joy? Or Temporo-Mandibular Joint?

Too Much Joy's SOn of Sam I Am is perhaps one of the finest albums of that
time slice.

--]And Jello Biafra is always good for chasing away most guests, but
--]I've got plenty of stuff I can do that with.

Diamonda DiGallas is my fave pick for room clearer that I would stay to
here:)- 99.9% of the folks who i play her stuff too give me with that
"crzy assed tomwhore shit making me listen to crap again" look, but thats
ok, im in it for me not them.

Other additions....To add to the nod at punk (sex pistols are so the
obvious child) add THe Vandals When in Rome (anarchy Burger is my top
song) and Crass. While IM not a big Crass fan i do respect what they did
and how they did it.

Oh and did we miss Ravi Shankar? The first american album he does with the
little tlaking commentaries rocks me silly since I was knee high to a

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