RE: cinnamon pancakes

From: Lucas Gonze (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 12:58:24 PST

> My specialty (and my daughters fave) are banana chocolate chip
> pancakes. Talk about flavor bursts - soft,sweet banana and melted
> choc chips, smothered in melted butter and Vermonts purest. Mmmmm....

I have known those who objected to the use of Vermont's purest on the grounds
that the strong flavor precludes really wanton quantities of syrup.

Some things you can put in pancakes:


When bananas are right on the line between disgusting looking and outright
poisonous you can freeze them for later use in pancakes. Just nuke the frozen
banana and mix in to the batter. This actually is better than fresh bananas in
some ways because they're extra sweet that close to spoilage. WARNINGS: Caution
is recommended when handling extreme grossness factor of unfrozen watery
microwaved spotted bananas. Do not taunt unfrozen watery microwaved spotted
bananas. Peel may attack.

Poppy seeds.

Nutella - even makes swirls.

- Lucas

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