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Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 13:46:25 PST writes:

> Karl Anderson wrote:
> > People just don't understand about how much energy is in fossil
> Good to remember that we're not "people".

You've been complaining about the monkeys for a while, now; I knew
you'd find that good.

> > fuels. We're not going to be running our cars on corn or a more
> > direct solar power; there just aren't enough watts hitting the earth,
> > especially after you drive the tractors, tankers, and factories.
> You're an IT person, you probably understand numbers, and have a
> calculator. So, use it for a change.

The arithmatic is easy, it's the facts which are hard to find. I'm
having trouble finding out how much solar radiation hits the ground in
the US, does anyone know where that can be learned? Not the 1.3kW per
square meter at earth's distance; I want an average that hits the
ground through the clouds & air & stuff. Average hitting the ground
over the earth's surface is probably high, but would be an acceptable

> > Harper's index mentions that if the average SUV mileage in the USA
> > increased by 3 MPG, they would save as much oil per day as the the
> > projected daily output of the drilling of thet Alaskan national
> > wildlife refuge.
> Meaningless numbers. Check out the diff of the average Eurotrash family
> car to your Amurrkan SUV. There's many, many worldlife refuges for you.
> You'll notice your mileage will also go down if you drive heavy armor,
> plus consider the street wear.

What the Europeans are driving is irrelevent to my point; I said that
I think that higher prices brought on by cheap gas getting expensive
will cause communities to suffer in proportion to how much they rely
on that cheap gas. Residents of Christiania (sp) and Mongolian yak
herders will have fewer problems; yay for them.

Karl Anderson 

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