Re: Why "progressive" tax schemes are evil

From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 13:46:38 PST

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Tom WSMF wrote:

> Ya see, thats what some one who cant turn a phrase comes up with. Yes I
> had that quote in mind, but why bother parroting a quote when you can make
> it fit your own imagery. Dimes are out, calling cards are in.

"Here is a dime" has cadence. "Here is a calling card" does not. You
didn't add anything to the original, you just cribbed it and made it more

What I added, on the other hand, was the opportunity to call you a son of
a bitch in a friendly way, while retaining my bland, milquetoast
framework. Having won this argument, I now officially end it. Cheers,

-Matt Jensen

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