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Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 12:53:04 PST

Morningstar Boca Burgers: $3.69
SunFrost superinsulated propane refrigerator from RealGoods: $4370
EV1 electric car: $34,000
Feeling like you're doing something instead of adding to the problem
(whether that's correct or not): priceless


Don't get me started on how most people use "green" stuff as a modern day form of buying papal indulgences.

"I drive a beefed up sports car with the kind of acceleration that pumps up my teeny weener, but I recycle cans and I avoid fastfood places that use rainforest beef."



PS- That type is almost as annoying as the type who love nature and the outdoors, but think THEIR car isn't part of the problem, since there are so many cows and chemical plants out there. Or the folks who say, "hey, so what, I'll just travel somewhere less developed when I want some nature" or "if they ever do have to bottle clean air, I know I'll be able to afford it, so what's the problem?"

Double bah! wrote: > > "Joseph S. Barrera III" <> writes: > > "Assuming your electricity costs 10 cents per kilowatt hour, and with > > a 100-mile trip, energy cost for the lead-acid EV1 is 2.6 cents per > > mile. . . . > > comparison, a gasoline-powered vehicle that gets 22 miles per gallon > > has an energy cost of 6.82 cents per mile (assuming gasoline costs > > $1.50 per gallon). . . . > > > > So you've saved $4222 on fuel by buying an electric car. But given > > that (sticking with the EV1) you've spent $34,000 on a car that is > > in most every way inferior to a $14,000 Saturn SL1 (which by the way > > gets considerably better mpg than the 22 used above; the automatic > > gets 27 city, 38 highway). I'm using the Saturn just to stick with GM > > in this example. > > OK, so that's a $20,000 investment that saves you 4.2 cents per mile. > If you need a 10% ROI, you need to save $2000 per year on it, which is > 47,393 miles per year, or about 911 miles per week. You'd have to > drive a lot to justify the difference, but there are people who drive > their cars more than that. > > 27 mpg at $2 per gallon is 7.4 cents per mile, so it's not too off for > city driving. But if you're driving 900 miles per week, it'd almost > have to be mostly highway, so that's only 5.2 cents per mile with the > Saturn --- so you have to drive 75100 miles per year to get a 10% ROI > on your investment, or 1444 miles per week. > > And this is before we add in depreciation. > > So it looks definitely uneconomic.

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