Re: Wow -- this is cool...

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 19:41:05 PST

Well it looks rel enough to my kid.

We are now awaiting out order of

Heathers Crazy LocoCoco

in the bowl sized servings.

She was absolutley buzzed about the whole thing. I read her the
instructionsa nd she was off clicking onthings, thinking about it,
unclicking thing, then reclicking them...We spent a good 5 mins deciding
between the Dino shaped marshmellows or the Star Shaped Cinnamon thingies.

What she setteled on was a Coco Rice based marshmellow and choclote
marshmellow enhanced concoction she named in a quick flip of her blonde
locks "Heather Crazy LocoCoco". Sounded good to me.

ITs a bit expensive, or thats what my wife said, but the droped jaws of
her peers when she pulls out a customized bowl of her own ceral

Good find Jeff.

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