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There's a nice guide to creating new names in "It's a Chick Thing"
by Berland and Terry.


For example: "your catholic schoolgirl name: Take on your grandmother's
first name combined with the name of your favorite Irish pub (Ellen
Shenanigan, Catherine O'Brien, Beatrice Benigan)"


"your southern belle name: Pick your favorite flower and finish it with
the surname of the first Civil War figure or Gone With the Wind character
that comes to mind (Magnolia Lee, Lily Butler, Gardenia Jackson)"

I guess for guys it would have to be something like "your covert wannabe
name: Choose an obscure anachronistic hand weapon and add the name of
a past US president or cabinet figure (Dirk Johnson, Caltrop Hoover,
Bodkin Carter)"


PS- Then we could do "your rugged pioneer name: Pick a farm animal, a
part of anatomy, and a famous explorer or naturalist. Hyphenate the
first two, and add the third. (Horse-Knees Lewis, Pig-Knuckles Muir,
Turkey-Lips Audubon)" It could get worse. But we'll draw a kindly
veil (Chicken-Caul Boone?) on the subject...

Wayne E Baisley wrote:
> > Do you know how many "Stephen Williams" there are?
> How's 'bout:
> Al 'Shipment' Lewis
> Ellipses Whitman
> Limp Wealthiness
> Meanwhile Splits
> Misshapen Willet
> Wilhelmina's Pest
> Cheers,
> Wayne
> Hello, my name is "Siemany Molleh"

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