Re: [Jeff Covey @ Freshmeat] We Are Losing the Browser War

From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 11:42:56 PST

Josh Cohen <> writes:

> As far as whats going on here, the sites arent shutting anyone out.
> The problem here is that the linux users need to stop whining
> and get off their lazy asses to do the work that the *paid* programmers
> do (at microsoft for example).

who's whining? 99% of the web pages I visit exist to communicate
something. Flash contributes nothing to communication; if a designer
requires flash for something, he's either trying to entertain or is an
inept communicator, so I don't lose anything by skipping those sites
when I'm trying to use the web as a communications medium.

I can get work done with linux, so I use it. I can have fun with
linux, so I use it. I can have fun with windows and with
flash-enabled websites, so I use those, too.

> The burden is on the browser/platform advocates, not the web site
> developers to make the site viewable on X platform. In the case of MSFT,
> the advocates happen to be the development employees. I can say from
> first hand experience, the IE team spends a lot of time before any
> release (though not always successful) running around and doing
> really tedious work. How would you like it to be your job
> to sit on the phone all day trying to get a developer of X plugin
> to make his stuff work on the new browser before it ships?

I thought MS restructured their option plan to prevent employees from
feeling bitter about throwing their lives away. Were you a

> "Scratch that Itch" I say, make a better one, do a great
> deed for the open source movement!!!
> If open source is "oh so fucking wonderful" here's your chance...
> just get out of my fucking face and go back to your science project of an
> OS...

Lost me there, bub. I also read the paper and watch Star Trek
Voyager, but don't think of myself as a front line soldier in some
platform war when I make those choices.

Karl Anderson 

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