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Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 00:13:30 PST

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>Josh Cohen <> writes:
>> As far as whats going on here, the sites arent shutting anyone out.
>> The problem here is that the linux users need to stop whining
>> and get off their lazy asses to do the work that the *paid*
>> do (at microsoft for example).
>who's whining? 99% of the web pages I visit exist to communicate
Did you miss the beginning of this thread?

>I thought MS restructured their option plan to prevent employees from
>feeling bitter about throwing their lives away. Were you a
No, I was a full-time employee, stock options and all.
Like many on this list, I left for greener pastures in the
startup frenzy..

Im not bitter, I'm still friendly with my colleagues and
friends at MSFT as well as NSCP. I just think I've been
able to get away from the religious propoganda of
the bay area and the silicon valley culture to see things
with a little less bias. Of course, around here, any
leniency toward Microsoft is an assault on its opponents.

>> "Scratch that Itch" I say, make a better one, do a great
>> deed for the open source movement!!!
>> If open source is "oh so fucking wonderful" here's your chance...
>> just get out of my fucking face and go back to your science
>project of an
>> OS...
>Lost me there, bub. I also read the paper and watch Star Trek
>Voyager, but don't think of myself as a front line soldier in some
>platform war when I make those choices.
So your just a user, and a satisfied one at that. Good for you.
This rant wasn't addressed to you..

Im also a satisfied user of Linux as well. It runs great on
my Sparc station. It also ran pretty well on the ultra that
sat on my desk at Microsoft.

Obviously, the originator of the thread (covey?) feels that all
there is great injustice in the world that prevents him from
living a fully satisfied life. He seems to feel that Microsoft
is the Man who is Keeping Him Down.

>Karl Anderson

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