Re: Nightmare on Elm Street with Win2k Professional

From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 22:24:44 PST

Joseph S Barrera III wrote:
> And lo, Gregory Alan Bolcer saith unto us:
> > Gee, it hasn't been a while since I've done a backup. I have
> > a lot of important stuff on my Win box, I should back it up
> > and put it on a CD. Let's see, MSbackup.

I've tried about 10 commercial backup products for Win32, several years
ago, and all of them were a total ripoff and unsatisfactory. The only
reliable solution I found was to have a small Linux partition as an
alternate boot. Really. I just replaced a dead harddrive in a system
Linux system. With a SCSI patch cable to a sister server and a single
dd command, I had a ready to go system in 10 min. No muss no fuss.

> xcopy, my friend.
> xcopy /icekfhd d:\joebar \\somewhere\d$\joebar
> xcopy onto somewhere else where you can see and here the files living
> and breathing as they ought to be.
> - Joe

xcopy /icekfhd d:\data \\linuxserver\data


In all the fun converting my mother's office from a fragile Win98
peer-to-peer network to Win98/ME clients with a Linux server, one flaky
machine couldn't complete a copy of it's own data to the server. It
kept dying. Of course, it was the main machine with thousands of tax
returns, etc. I ended up smbmount'ing it from Linux and was able to
snarf everything in one shot.

We've been saved once by the Linux tape backup when the software garbled
data, and just today one of the harddrives in the RAID1 mirror died. I
just told them to keep working and at the end of the day throw in the
spare and do their mirror procedure. Not to mention that from 6000
miles away I can securely ssh/VNC to the server, the Win2K server
running in VMWare, and all of the Win32 clients to do anything I need.

I also keep an identical system up to date in my basement as a total
disaster backup (and test/dev machine).

One of my better 2 weekend projects.

All free software mind you, beyond their apps and the Win2K license.

Now, for my new real hobby, if I can just get all my molds made for my
carbon fibre/kevlar boot/frame skate project... Molding my feet with
hot wax was interesting. Can't wait to make a mess with vacuum bagged


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