RE: Tivo, Fair Use, Video-in-the-Cloud, and Vidster

From: Jeffrey Kay (jkay@ENGENIA.COM)
Date: Sat Mar 31 2001 - 11:57:51 PST

Interesting thought -- I just looked into the Book PC units. It looks like
everything I'd want, except that it doesn't seem to have the equivalent of a
digital output (either optical or coax) so that I can run the audio through
my regular system. Do you know of anything that supports that? Which USB
vidcap system do you use? Does it support/have you built the "timer"
interface to record TV shows? Does your vidcap device have a tuner on it or
are you using some other tuner?

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> Subject: RE: Tivo, Fair Use, Video-in-the-Cloud, and Vidster
> > I want to be able to cut-n-paste a segment from a show on
> my Tivo and
> > send it to another Tivo user. I want to be able to search other
> > users' public clip files and trade clips with them. I want to build
> > up a library, a montage of television absurdity, and punctuate my
> > discourse with video poignancy and hilarity.
> I bought a book pc for $169, added some disk, memory, and CPU.
> With a USB video capture, it's almost as good as a TIVO, and has
> no fees ;-)

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