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From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 13:41:00 PDT

A few recent fork posts about games had me puzzled.

Is anyone here unaware of the interactive nature of games over the last 8
or so years? If so and you are in any way connected to the conectivity
biz, go get a few choice games and be freaking blown out of your socks.

Tribes 2 everquest
Black and White (soon i will have my creatures web page up[1]

and older biscuits like

All of these are standard fare for gamers, ya now the folks who push grfx
and interactive envelopes as a way of life.

[1] weekend of hell. video card blown, while buying replacement (gefroce2
based cardex card with 64meg and tv out) my wife decided the prices were
ripe for me to get upgrades and stop my constant whinning on how i only
have a 400 k6-2 and all my freinds got better. So enter into the box a new
mobo/cpu (abit kt7 and the duron 850), a bump up to 256mg ram, a new case
( tear the old stuff out of her machine and mine to move her old one (the
orginal wsmf server) to the kid (call this the trickle down theory of
upgrades) and of course FIght with windows.....In that fight i lost the
first 10 hours of play on my Black and White install. So I cant show you
the contiued growth of Cowboy (the farting pooping wonder of the ages) but
can show you the static pages of his short but educational life. Long my
he flatulate. I havent picked my new creature yet, i may go for the horse
or the monkey. The cow was a bit too dumb for my style of play, he came
off as a brute. I need something more independent and less likely to poop
on the natives.

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