Re: the new new thing....

From: Justin Mason (
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 04:25:04 PDT

Strata Rose Chalup forwarded:

>The service is reminiscent of another once-promising Internet technology
>called ``push''

s/promising/overhyped/ ;)

> Items that Web publishers want updated, such as a scoreboard, a stock
> price ticker, even a rotating banner advertisement -- only need to have
> their ``tags'' slightly modified to work with Bang.

Better description here:

It sounds like it uses javascript and the DOM to rewrite the page with the
new bits...

> Push fizzled out soon afterward, as users complained of information
> overload while companies blamed push broadcasts for slowing down other
> network traffic to crawl.

BTW I don't see how this avoids the latter problem. If employee A leaves
a web browser open at, and they've got Bang
stuff on their front page, it'll still have a connection open to your
nearest "Object Router" at your ISP. Change that to 50 employees, and
there'll be 50 connections to the ISP's object router.

I suppose there's less data being shipped, though.


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