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From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 08:17:51 PDT

I dont like CAli or fornians much, but I take it on a person by perosn

Now , if I had been given the same choice...and given the situation past
and present...Id say why the hell would I raise a finger to do anything to
bail out the POWER company. Thats the one key bottleneck here, aside form
regualtions and idiot voters, but illl put that to the side again.

If your given a choice that basicaly boils down to "you have to work to
bail out the power company or they will put you in the dark for 1-2 hours
every 3 weeks..." Id say fuck em, turn the power off. Why woud I be
motivated to work to help bail them out. This is not a conservation
question, this is not an ecological question...

This is a question of power companies and the big money behind them (govs,
lobs, and other profit sources) who sat on thier asses when they needed to
explore new alternatives to power exspecialy in the face of idiot
regulations they could have monied away if it was so damn harmfull to
thier bottom line.

So now they are in a bind and they are holding thier customers hostage
with the threat of black outs...well go ahead punk , make my day. Kill the
juice and let me go sit in the park or fire up my charges laptop or go
invest in a few BackUps (cascade two or three cheapie half hour jobbers to
get a full 4 hours guarneteed (do cable lines go down in a black out,
phone lines? heck wireless baby and id still be conNETed.))

SO boom babby boom, juice it down, cause i wouldnt be givne any juice back
to them.

Rate Hike this mofo.

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