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Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 16:04:59 PDT wrote:
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> > Tom WSMF wrote:
> > > IM not sure if this counts now, but for a while Real was making muscle
> > > plays as if they were the streaming/audio format MS.
> >
> > Mpeg4, which I'm now working with on a short project, will open
> > streaming up ...
> Doesn't Ogg Vorbis do this, except for a stronger meaning of "open"?

Ogg is, last I looked, based on using DCT's for audio coding. An often
tried but usually avoided idea. They'd be better off trying wavelets.
They say that at typical MP3 bitrates they have similar quality.
Without some extra ideas, it will be tough for them to compete at the
low bitrate level. CELP with fancy feedback monitors like G723.1 are
pretty impressive. I haven't looked into the Mpeg4 AAC codecs yet, but
it's coming soon.
> Nothing like parametric voice and video, of course. (We used to call
> parametric music .MOD. And MIDI. And parametric voice is LPC-10, no?)

Whatever Truespeech calls their 150 bytes-per-second coder. I played
with true parametric speech years 4+ years ago at AOL. You could play
back voice on the remote end with voice styles like little girl or

They go beyond MIDI for parametric audio also. You can program filter
networks and various transforms.


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