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Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 19:26:26 PDT

Rather than include attachments, and piss everyone off, I'll merely
include URLs, and piss some people off. You know who you are. :-)

My Uncle Carl used to send slides of woodland flower closeups with one
or two of his letters every year. I've had a digital camera for about
a year now, but haven't really spent much time using it. Lately I've
gotten a bit fixated on taking closeups of flowers, especially roses.
I'm starting to learn how to do image manipulation to use the rose heart
closeups as the basis for some digital art, but none of that is ready
for primetime yet.

Bookmark if you want
to see what's new periodically. I link things in through there as well
as in their category directories.


PS- I'm still in "put up almost everything" mode on the overall website.
When I get a better percentage of really good shots, I'll be more selective.

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