RE: Welcome to 'tool' confusion

From: Lucas Gonze (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 18:31:02 PDT

My money says that it is far easier to account for transient nodes in software
than to build fat always-on pipes to every square inch of the globe. Assuming
that developing nations will get always-on connectivity, when even Silicon
Valley doesn't have it w/out plenty of trouble, is a mistake.

> > I don't think so. I already consider the state of being disconnected
> > as deeply pathological, and I haven't even gotten tetherless yet. Soon
> > I'll snort them packets, if I can't get a clean needle push. Vatch *DIS*
> Well, I'll take that bet. What's pathological is the notion of
> "connected" vs.
> "disconnected." It's currently binary --- it should be a continuum.

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