RE: EVO: "Natural Selection Is Acting On The Current Human Popul ation" (fwd)

From: Jason Axtell (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 13:45:00 PDT

Adam L. "Duncan" Beberg said:

> *whistles x-files theme*
> This is a coordinated effort to evolve the perfect consumer.


> So.. Illuminati, aliens, or Walmart? *chuckles*

The scary thing is, this is not a coordinated effort at all. It's evolution.
The basic forces that make natural (genetic) evolution occur also control
the evolution of societies, organizations, and memes. "Good little
consumers" are evolving into a mutually-dependent relationship with
religions, large corporations, and the government. In the end, the effect is
eerily similar to Brave New World, except there is no convenient target. No
bad guy in charge. The whole system is evolving around us, so subtlely that
we don't even notice it.

The only solution is to change the environment so that the destructive memes
are no longer the ones that are "most fit". And before we can do that, we
need to understand which memes are the destructive ones and how all the
various memes interact with one another and the environment. Basically, do
the same thing with our memes that biologists have done with wild animal
populations. The dynamics of the two are surprisingly similar, and this is
not a coincidence.

Jason Axtell

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