Re: EVO: "Natural Selection Is Acting On The Current Human Population" (fwd)

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 14:15:56 PDT

Jason Axtell wrote:

> The only solution is to change the environment so that the destructive memes
> are no longer the ones that are "most fit". And before we can do that, we
> need to understand which memes are the destructive ones and how all the
> various memes interact with one another and the environment.


This helps me justify my incessant dabbling in political philosophy. Thanks,
Jason! :-)


PS - Side thought. It's not enough to identify and classify memes; we also
need a much better understanding of how memes propagate -- a kind of
epidemiology of memes. How can we best deliver constructive memes into the
population in order to subdue the destructive ones? Clearly common sense,
"reasoning about things" and debate aren't good infection vectors. ;-) How can
we turn tolerance, responsibility, equity, anti-collectivism, free trade, and
rational self-interest into broadly-understood, culturally "cool," viral ideas?

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