Re: Joseph S. Barrera III vs. 'Google & The FoRK Effect versus Gxxxxx Mxxx'

From: Gxxxxx Mxxx (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 14:53:53 PDT

Joseph S. Barrera III writes:
> That was the most purile, self-serving and pompous piece of crap I've
> seen on this list in a long time.

Thank you! I like to set the bar high for followups.

> LIST and yet you have the nerve to pull your whiny poor-is-me bullshit
> because SOMEONE at SOME conference that none of us give a shit about
> happened to have READ one of your posts. If you didn't want your posts
> to be read, then DON'T POST. Better yet, GET OFF THE LIST.

Actually, I want people to read *my* posts. I love to see
my name in print, can't you tell?

It was a Jeff Bone message that caused me consternation.

> P.S. I wonder which of our posts will have the stronger FoRK effect.

Mine had links to external sites, used my name near the top of
the message, and used my name directly adjacent to one of the
external links.

The real determinant will be followups to each of our messages;
are they direct followups (and thus have a clear "in-reply-to"
back-link in the archives)? Do they retain the original subject
line, or much of the original body/out-links?

- [name omitted in deference to the spider gods]

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