RE: NSI's latest scurrilousity

From: Jeff Barr (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 19:02:54 PDT

So has anyone else had the experience of running whois
for a promising domain name, then waiting a day or two
to reguister it, only to find that against tremendous
odds someone else magically decided to grab it?

What are the odds?

My son was going to register, and in the
day it took him to convince me to let him do it, it was
stolen. He ended up with instead.

I wonder if NSI is secretly feeding whois requests for
non-existent domains to an outsider who can buy them up
and then resell them later? In the days when startups
would pay big bucks for domains this could have been a
very profitable sideline.


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I just noticed on a WHOIS lookup that NSI is sticking
links at the top of the display for 'Make an offer to
get this domain'.

&@^&*^%&*@#(*!!! As if their sequestering of expired and
enquired-but-not-registered domains was not bad enough..

#ken    P-)}

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