Re: [ADMIN] another spam reduction idea

From: Andy Armstrong (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 09:28:26 PDT

Joseph S Barrera III wrote:
> I was talking with Kragen on the phone yesterday about restricting
> posts to FoRK to subscribed members, and he objected, saying that it
> is good to allow outside members cc'd on threads to be able to comment
> on the threads. One compromise solution we talked about was having
> posts from non-members go to a moderator for approval. Of course, that
> moderator would be receiving mostly spam, AND if the moderator were
> off doing something, the messages would wait before showing up in the
> thread.
> I thought then of another idea, namely, posts from non-members with
> the same subject line (or some permutation, e.g. a Re: or Fw: stuck
> onto it, or whitespace) would go through automatically. That should
> cover almost all the cases of non-members posting, and spam engines
> are unlikely to generate subject lines that will match existing
> threads (unless this spam avoidance technique becomes commonplace).

What about giving people who are CC'd a temporary membership, so you
might having posting rights for, say, a week after being CC'd a fork

Andy Armstrong, Tagish

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