Re: Address hiding in the archives

From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 13:51:00 PDT

You betcha! When the CA & WA courts
decide damages against those evil spammers, you'll
only be able to collect money on spam that was
actually sent to you & that you can prove was
really spam. We better start trolling
the porn and game sites and solicit more spam
or else we aren't going to get very much for
the pittance of spam we have.

Every copy of spam you delete is costing you money, so you better
make sure you keep it safely archived.


Aaron Swartz wrote:
> Joseph S Barrera III <> wrote:
> > Russell Turpin reminded me this morning of the fact that our addresses
> > are all sitting naked out in the archives, begging for spammers to
> > collect them.
> Wait a sec! I thought FoRK was a way to get more spam. How dare you go and
> protect my email address like that?
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