Re: Address hiding in the archives

From: Joseph S Barrera III (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 17:14:31 PDT

Also sprach Gregory Alan Bolcer:
> Every copy of spam you delete is costing you money,

Sounds like money well spent to me.

- Joe

"The coffee plunges into the stomach...the mind is aroused, and
 ideas pour forth like the battalions of the Grand Army on the field
 of battle....  Memories charge at full gallop...the light cavalry
 of comparisons deploys itself magnificently; the artillery of logic
 hurry in with their train of ammunition; flashes of wit pop up like
 sharp-shooters.  Similies arise and the paper covers with ink:  for
 the struggle commences and concludes with torrents of black liquid,
 just as a battle with powder."

-- Honore de Balzac, 30 cups/day.

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