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Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 15:09:20 PDT

The biggest things that egroups has that mailman doesn't are:
* web archives are not bound to months. When I'm just there to read the latest,
I want to go straight to the current postings without having to click on the
month entry. In fact egroups puts the most recent few postings on the main page
for the group so you don't even have to click through from the home page. When
I'm reading a thread view that is older, needing to break through month barriers
in mailman just makes it impossible. In general users almost never read by
month, so that is a fairly severe interface problem.
* searchable archives.

These two things make a pretty big difference to me. If I'm clicking through
from a web search, I know I'll get done much sooner on egroups rather than

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> Tom wrote:
> > Your abosolutley right. I was in a foul half aslepp mood when i penned
> > that response and I humbly appologize. I am thankfull for the education
> > and the occasional attitude readjustment.:)-
> >
> > --tom_wsmf
> Goes both ways-- I'll take a look at the yahoo groups features, and
> see what's there. You've got an Attitude Wrench with my skullprint
> on it that you've used a couple times, so turnabout every now and
> then is fair play. :-)
> cheers,
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