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From: Tom (
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 09:09:37 PDT

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

--]tissue. The simplistic 'potential' argument has been used to argue
--]against birth control because of the life potential of sperm. This is
--]rediculous and hopelessly shallow.

OK, now that I have knee jerked your knee jerk......

Is not the potential for something of value?

Before you knee jerk it, THINK ABOUT IT. This is not an attack of your
sacred cows or your tshirt ideologies.

IS the potential of a forrest something to fight for. What about salmon
runs so that the spawing of future generations of indigenous fish can
contiue to flourish? What about the HEadStart program for pre K kids?
What about Folic Acid pill? What about the time apent on a protocal so
that it is robust enough to live in the wilds of the practial world? What
about donating to a NPR station? Venture Cap?

As I stated before there is a interconnectedness of all things to all
things. The weight of interlinkages (ie the ways they are important to
each other) depends on many many things. The pathways of action and
valuation impact on the potential of not only the noes in questions but
many many nodes.

We are not just am, we are was and will be.

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