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From: Tom (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 14:26:05 PDT

On Tue, 15 May 2001, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]Okay, let me try again: forget whether you can or cannot make your belief system, such as it is,
--]make sense to me. Can you prove to *anyone* that your belief system proceeds logically from a
--]set of givens?

Prove? Im not sure the completness of my proof would be enough to hold any
instance, im not goingto to go and do ascii limits, but Il give it a shot.

Without cribbing from Bill and Ted and THe Dali too much its basiclay..

BE cool to each other, respect each other, dont leave a mess for
others to clean up, and help more than you hurt.

That about covers my belife system.

Now do I live up to this system? Nope. I try though. Classic examples of
my failing are littered about Fork. Im a right horible fucking prick when
I think im right.

An example of how this plays out for me. abortions. As i stated in the
start of this .,.. I belive that its a real live human im dealing with in
the womb just as real as the mother.
The mother has more life lived yes, but the being inside has the potenital
to live as well. While the child is in the mother both lives are
entertwined close and tight .Now times and events come about when one life
may need to be chosen over the life of the other. The reason can be a
number of things, but the crux of the biscuit is one or the other will be
deemed less important than the other. This happens, and regardless the
outcome is the end of a living being. The people or person who makes the
decission will deal with the outcome however they will.

For the most part though I will not impose my belifes on others about how
and when to make these choices. I only hope they think about wht is ending
and what is living on.

I have not had to make this decission. Since I am not able to carry a
child in my body I doubt I will ever , please please never, have to make
the decission to end the life of my child or my wife. I can tell you
though that if my wife was pregnant and medical conditions made it so she
could not chose and the child was killing her I would choose to abort the
kid and save my wife. I would deal with the fact I ended the life of my
child, a human life that was cut cut short.

(by the way since my wife and I are in the process of trying to have a
kid, thanks ooodles for the chance to examine this while im at work and
cant really show emotion Im feelign as I write this scenerio)

I have a couple of people very near to me whose tales I will not tale,
they are not mine to tell, but they live with thier decessions in
such matters. I know that when the time comes to make these choices, if
the y come, what belifs I hold about the value of being cool to every
thing etc etc will help me.

--]> They are seperate? How?
--]One is based on empirical evidence and the scientific method while the other comes from random
--]and mysterious feelings generated by a vestigial portion of the human brain? [1]

These differ how? Is not the one observed by the other?

--]If you want my honest assessment, I'm not sure that the philosophy is
--]so far off, just the process and the conclusions we draw from it.

I dont think its nonesense that I include incompletness in my belife
system I have a foundation but I am smart/dumb enough to know all things
are mutable with time/experience.

Hope this helps some.


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