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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 12:46:26 PDT

Tom wrote:

> On Tue, 15 May 2001, Jeff Bone wrote:
> --]> WElcome to the human race, where decissions are not easily drawn on a
> --]> blackboard so the dorm denizens can play disention games with it.
> --]
> --]Tom, that's too easy. When the defense of something is "well, the real world is too messy
> --]to yield to reason and logic" you know something's gone awry with the argument.
> --]
> Yea, it has, the rye part is that im saying things are complex your saying
> Its black or white So now Im saying we either agree that the world is
> complex or there not much i can base a converstaion with you on.

Complexity doesn't invalidate logic, it just means that you have to work harder. ;-) You've got
to have something to hang your hat on, if you're going to be rational. A few base cases on which
we can agree or disagree regarding their truth is a necessary starting point for a productive

> NO, what I can say is I cant make my belife system make sense to you.

Okay, let me try again: forget whether you can or cannot make your belief system, such as it is,
make sense to me. Can you prove to *anyone* that your belief system proceeds logically from a
set of givens? If you can, we can have a discussion --- we can argue about the validity of your
givens. If you can't, we're just talking nonsense. Now, I have nothing against nonsense --- it
can be a lot of fun, FoRK proves that daily ;-) --- but nonsense is a lousy basis for law.

> They are seperate? How?

One is based on empirical evidence and the scientific method while the other comes from random
and mysterious feelings generated by a vestigial portion of the human brain? [1]

> --]I value (human) life too much to cheapen it by calling a little clot of diploid cells a
> --]"human."
> --]
> Make a tshirt, this will sell millions.

Done! (c) 2001 STiCKaFoRKiNNit Productions. :-)

> Also, it exaplins why you dont want kids, you just dont value them.

I never said I don't value kids --- I value them highly. Hell, I'm doing my best to remain one
as long as possible, I must attach *some* value to that notion. :-)

> I think we just have a totaly diffetn view on live, value of humanity, and living here JB.

If you want my honest assessment, I'm not sure that the philosophy is so far off, just the
process and the conclusions we draw from it.



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