Re: [NY Times] More Immigrant High Tech Workers Coming...

Joachim Feise (
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 15:58:45 -0800

I Find Karma wrote:
> The problem with New York Times articles like the one below (and
> senators like Kennedy and Feinstein) is that they come off sounding
> xenophobic at best and racist at worst. What is the big deal of
> bringing into the U.S. more highly skilled workers? I think that we're
> foolish to turn away ANY skilled workers.

I agree (having an H1-B visa). Last year, the visa cap of 65000 was reached
about a month before the end of the fiscal year.
And they should make it easier (and cheaper) to get the greencard with employer
sponsoring. This is an absolutely ridiculous process. Right now, it just makes
some lawyers rich.
But the main point is, we skilled workers are just that, not voters.