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Fri, 3 Apr 1998 20:45:05 -0800


[Hoping the greenbooks have reached you by now...]

> Adam, I think it is time, if you are willing, to set up an associates
> program with Music Boulevard like we have with Amazon.

I am willing. So I've set up

as a sister to

and of course both are reachable from the FAQ

Our MusicBlvd merchant number is 19084, and if you look at

you'll see how to make links so that FoRK gets credited...

> I only know the music buying habits of you, me, and joebar, but that
> alone says we should be participating in the program.

No kidding. In 1998 alone I have bought 40 CDs so far. Scary.
Of them all, I like the Verve's "Urban Hymns"

and Madonna's "Ray of Light"

the best. Which is also scary.

> BTW, I find that Music Boulevard has better selections and pricing than
> cdnow.

Same here. And if you buy 3 discs at a time, shipping is free.

> Also, the Music Search page I have on my home page can be updated to
> give FoRK credit for the purchase. I hope you're willing.

Sounds great. If you resend me the source, I'll stick it in the
fork-music page as well.

I also need to add links to all the techno bands Jim and Rohit have
recommended. Maybe set up a swing section, too, with those cool
recommendations from Mike. Guess I'll do those when I get the chance,
but if anyone else wants to do add anything I can certainly do that,

> P.S. We still haven't come up with anything to do with this or the
> Amazon money, short of buying drinks sometime. There must be some more
> creative suggestions out there.

Yes, especially since our Amazon total has now topped $110 in
commissions and counting... pretty soon it will be more than we can
drink in one sitting...


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