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You mentioned the graphics in LiS. Here is your answer.

> Lightwave 5.6 due at NAB '98, software used in "Lost In Space"
> NewTek's LightWave 3D imaging software will receive a significant
>upgrade to version 5.6 at the
> upcoming NAB '98 show in Las Vegas. NewTek has also announced that
>LightWave played a large
> role in the creation of the new film, "Lost in Space."
> "Speed is really the key with LightWave 3D, as well as the
>features that it offers," said Simon Percy,
> supervising animator for amgFX, creators of the animated special
>effects in "Lost in Space." "With
> LightWave 3D's ability to show textured views in layout mode, we
>were able to get from animatics
> to finished shot very quickly, because the client could see direct
>on-screen feedback of changes. We
> find LightWave 3D to be an effective tool in reaching our
>deadlines. In addition, the interface is easy
> and intuitive, and the feature set gives us the flexibility to
>cope with pretty much anything that is
> thrown our way."
> LightWave 3D 5.6 introduces NewTek's breakthrough HyperVoxels
>technology for rendering
> flowing and organic effects "more easily and profoundly than ever
>before possible."
> More information on LightWave is available from

HyperVoxels? Do the Voxers know about this?



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