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Sun, 05 Apr 1998 19:52:26 -0700

At 07:23 PM 4/5/98 -0700, Joachim Feise wrote:
>Josh Cohen wrote:
>> Adobe makes photoshop for unix.
>> For simple quicktime viewing on unix try 'Xanim'
>I know about xanim. Everybody can write a viewer. The QT format is known.
>With no real support I mean from Apple.
>But then, even their Windoze player got stuck at 2.0. No 2.5 at all. And
the 3.0
>beta plugin doesn't seem to have Indeo 3.2 support.

Well I spoke to the QT product manager and the Indeo product manager at the
same time about this. This has very very little to do with Apple, or
actually even Intel. It all has to do with their lawyers. QT 3 does support
Indeo better, but certainly not 5.0

So on my PC I have QT 3 and Indeo 5
PPC QT 3 and MSIE4 plug in's. (latest Indeo)

If I absolutely can't watch the latest Aldonze AVI on my Mac I throw it on
a ZIP and view it on my PC.

Still all this has little to do with the "professional" users that Ms see
as such a problem.



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