National Semiconductor Intros "PC on a Chip"

Jay Thomas (
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 13:09:05 -0400

Looks like the days of intelligent toasters are soon to be upon us.
I'm looking forward to reading my email in the shower :) Some
pertinent quotes:

National Semiconductor today plans to announce a way to combine most
of the chips used
in personal computers into a single chip, which could bring PC prices
under $500 and lead to a host of new computing

National said its new chip will lead to even lower cost PCs and other
low-cost "information appliances."

"You will be surrounded by PCs," Halla said of machines that could use
National's new chips. "You will get into your car
and say e-mail please, you will have a flat panel display on the wall
above your bedroom. It could be impossible to predict
what will happen by the year 2000."

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I think so, Brain, but how will we get a pair of Abe Vigoda's pants?