Re: We're doing better from book sales than from music sales.

Charles Kerr (
Tue, 7 Apr 1998 11:26:05 -0500

>> And Rohit, you need to buy the Swingers soundtrack
>> and UFOrb by the Orb

> 'Adventures beyond the Ultraworld' is worth having, although the
> everpulsating brain and fluffy clouds mixes are not a patch on the
> single versions that I wish I still had..
> UFOrb is _not_ worth having. Trust me on this.

UFOrb and ABtU are both worth having. ABtU is more ambient
Eno-style; UFOrb is a bit dancier. Get 'em both; just make sure
you don't buy 'Pomme Fritz' by mistake.

Lloyd, you can find a couple of the single mixes of brain at the
Orb ftp mp3 archive at l/p: orb. 'Blue Room' is
also there, which is the oop 40-minute 'single' that I'd put at the
top of the list instead of UFOrb or ABtU.

(who just got his hands on 'FFWD', a Fripp/Orb collaboration...)