Re: White Grape Juice Champagne Cider

Jay Thomas (
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 08:46:09 -0400

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> Just to bring closure to this issue. The cider I
> mentioned previously that on FoRK that
> I brewed turned out chenin blanc clear with a
> crisp taste, supremely frothy, creamy, virginal
> white head, and excellent bubbles. I am tempted to drink

Thanks to Gregs previous post re:cider, I decided to try my hand at
it. Up till now, I had only brewed beer (pretty darn good beer, too)
and had never tried to do cider. I used:

5 gal Trader Joes cider
3 lbs orange blossom honey
Boiled 1/2 hour
pitched champagne yeast
Fermented 1 month
kegged & forced carbonated

What I wound up with is a clear, slightly yellow drink, no head
retention *at all*, verrrrry high in alcohol (estimating 10-12%), dry,
a bit citrus-y. So far, everyone who has tried it has gotten verrry
drunk, really enjoyed the taste, and recommended that I start selling
it. Very good stuff. Greg, thanks for the suggestion. If you're ever
in Boston, there's a keg waiting.

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